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Al-Hawaj Says Public Prosecution Postponed Her Case against Egyptian Citizen who Insulted Shiite Sect

2018-07-19 - 11:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Fatima Al-Hawaj said that the "Public Prosecution decided to postpone a lawsuit she filed against Amira Imam, whose family name is Hassan, for limitation by time-lapse".

Al-Hawaj, along with another lawyer, had filed a notice against the Egyptian Amira Imam for insulting Shiite sect in Bahrain through posting abusive tweets in 2011, however, Amira deleted the tweets after the lawsuit was filed.

"Public Prosecution experts said the filed lawsuit was subject to limitation by time-lapse. We will file a grievance report against the adjournment decision before the minor criminal court," Al-Hawaj commented.

Amira, who worked as a dancer in one of the Bahraini hotels, acquired the Bahraini passport with the Minister of Justice's help on the onset of the millennium, before she announced last week her intention to run for Parliamentary election.

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