Suspect Sentenced to One Year in Jail over Beating Two Policemen in Dry Dock Prison

2018-07-19 - 10:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court sentenced a suspect, 20 years, to one year in jail over charge of beating two policemen in Dry Dock Prison. The court said that it took into consideration the conditions of the suspect before issuing its ruling against him.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of attacking, on 8/8/2017, the bodily integrity of each of the 2 policemen. He firmly pushed the first victim and bet him on his face, chest and right hand, causing him minor injuries.

The suspect was imprisoned in the pre-trial detention affiliated with the ministry of interior (Dry Dock Prison). The second victim, who was along with the first one, asked the suspect to enter one of the prison cells. The first victim told the suspect that the latter is to be searched before entering the cell, however, the suspect attacked the bodily integrity of the two policemen.

A medical report said that the policeman who was beaten suffers from small excoriation on the right eye and minor injury in two fingers in his right hand.

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