Court Issues 5-Year Jail Term against 2 Suspects, 10-Year Jail Term against Third, Revokes their Citizenships over Joining February 14 Coalition

2018-06-26 - 7:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced a suspect to ten years in jail and two others to five years and ruled to fine each one BD 100,000 and revoke their Bahraini citizenship after finding them guilty of joining February 14 Coalition.

Chief Prosecutor Isa Al-Ruwai, the Acting Chief of the Terror Crime Prosecution said the fourth High Criminal Court sentenced yesterday (June 25, 2018) the first suspect to ten years in jail and the second and third suspects to 5 years in jail and fined each one of them 1000 BD and revoked their citizenships.

The authorities claim that the first suspect, who resides in Iran and is a member of 14th February Coalition, had recruited the second suspect in the organization. He tasked the second suspect to receive money and send them to the other elements of the organization in Bahrain.

They also claimed that the second suspects recruited the third one to join February 14 Coalition and tasked him to receive and fund the elements of the organization in Bahrain and distribute the money across Bahrain.

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