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850 Children Suffer from Diabetes in Bahrain

2018-06-19 - 9:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Recent official numbers showed that there are about 850 children with diabetes in Bahrain and that the total number of infected people approached 53 thousand, with over have of them women.

Health Ministry said that the statistics of government health centers showed that 78 thousand infected visited these centers to receive primary health care until end of 2016, noting that 52.806 of them were Bahrainis, i.e. 68% versus 25.043 non Bahrainis (32%).

The ministry added that Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex statistic recorded 850 children with type 1 diabetes that is insulin-dependent diabetes, indicating that the average of diabetes in Bahrain is about 15% of the total population; Bahrainis and residents.

Number of Bahraini females with diabetes reached 28.294 (5.35%). Meanwhile, number of infected men amounted to 24.512 (46.5%).

On the level of foreign residents in Bahrain, statistics revealed 6998 infected women (28%) versus 77.849 infected men (72%).

Statistics also disclosed that most of people with diabetes in Bahrain have exceeded 40 years. 68.919 of the infected are above 40 years, i.e. 89%, and only 8919 are below 40 years, i.e. 11%.

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