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Bahrain to Employ Hundreds of Indian Nurses While over 500 Bahraini Nurses are Unemployed

2018-06-13 - 3:27 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain has announced hundreds of nursing jobs in India, at a time when the number of the unemployed in the nursing domain rises.

Bahrain posted advertisements in Indian centers to recruit nurses for 13 positions at King Hamad University Hospital in Muharraq, including the pediatric, gynecology and radiotherapy departments.

Indian nurses will enjoy free accommodation, full health insurance and travel tickets.

Bahrain has expanded the policy of employing foreigners in the medical field after doctors and nurses, contrary to government orders, treated the injured in the protests that broke out in the country in 2011.

The Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) runs the King Hamad University Hospital. Shiites in the island kingdom complain of being denied employment in the military and medical institutions it runs.

According to the ads, Bahrain has requested the employment of about 600 Indian nurses.

According to estimates, more than 500 Bahraini nurses are unemployed.

من إعلانات توظيف ممرضين هنود

من إعلانات توظيف ممرضين هنود

من إعلانات توظيف ممرضين هنود

من إعلانات توظيف ممرضين هنود

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