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VIVA Dismisses 5 Bahrainis after Acquisition of “Menatelecom”

2018-06-11 - 11:25 am

Bahrain Mirror: Viva Telecommunication Company dismissed 5 Bahrainis after its acquisition of Menatelecom Telecommunication Company. Meanwhile, it transferred dependency of number of employees to other companies while still working at Menatelecom.

The company obliged the dismissed to accept the offer presented to them and it was said that the dismissed won't receive any money. When summoned, they were asked to sign on paper stating that they won't receive any of their dues in case they left the office they were summoned to.

The dismissed also stressed that the Labor Ministry didn't take any measure for their sake, because "the law allows dismissing Bahrainis even without priority for  foreigners presence, as there are some foreigners working in our same jobs and official papers proved that we're working more efficiently than them, yet Bahrainis were dismissed while foreigners remained."

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