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Bahrain Buys 6 Pakistani Interceptors to Control Internal Security and Violence

2018-06-10 - 11:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: News websites said that a defence industrial complex in Pakistan will manufacture six "Interceptors" for the Bahrain National Guards.

Sources said a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the industrial complex and Commander of the National Guard Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa. They said the vehicles are dedicated to the civil armed forces to control limited violence and internal security.

The National Guard participated in several security operations since February 14, 2011 uprising. It is still deployed in the region that was previously Lualua (Pearl) Roundabout. The roundabout was recently opened after 6 years of being transferred to a closed military region.   

Unveiled at IDEC 2017 defense exhibition in Bahrain, the 4x4 vehicle is based on a commercial Toyota chassis and designed for security purposes. Heavy Industries Taxila offers two levels of protection to be placed on the chassis.

The Gulf region has been targeted for the design, as there is a constant demand.

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