Appeals Court Upholds 3-Year Jail Term against Policeman, Expelling him over Admitting Mobile Phone to Inmate in Jaw Prison in Return for Bribery

2018-06-07 - 10:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fifth High Criminal Appeals Court rejected the appeal submitted by a policeman in Jaw Prison convicted of receiving bribery from an inmate whose family name is "Balawi" in return for providing him with a mobile phone and a ring. The suspect was sentenced to 3 years in jail and 200 BD fine. The court also ordered to expel him outside the country after finishing his prison term. The court also upheld the 3-year jail term against the inmate (second suspect).

A guarding policeman in Jaw prison (not the suspect) allowed the access of banned items to inmates in return for money. An ambush was prepared for him near one of the compounds near Alba roundabout at about 9:30 p.m. He was arrested and confessed that the policeman (first suspect) took bribery from one of the inmates in return for bringing in some stuff.

Asking him about the first suspect who was with that policeman, he confessed that he received 200 BD from one of the inmates in return for bringing in some stuff and that he has them at home. He went with him to his house to get the money and stuff.

In the military prosecution investigations, the policeman confessed that he agreed with one of the inmates to provide him with a mobile phone and ring in return for 200 BD and agreed with him to give him the phone, ring and 200 BD to one of the individuals, his companion in the room, and then called him and met together.

The inmate (second suspect) denied the charges brought against him and said that he is sentenced to a life term verdict over blasting charge and that he has been serving his penalty since over 2 years. The public prosecution accused the first suspect, being a public officer, a policeman in the Department of Reform and Rehabilitation in the Ministry of Interior, of receiving 200 BD in return for admitting mobile phone and ring, as this action is considered a violation to his job duties.

The second suspect participated with the first suspect through agreeing and helping him to commit the mentioned crime.

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