Three-Year Prison Term Handed down to Defendant for Allegedly Planting Fake Bomb in Tubli

2018-06-03 - 2:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth Bahraini Criminal Court rejected the objection of a Bahraini youth sentenced to three years in prison. The court deemed the objection void since the defendant did not show up to the hearing. He was charged with planting a fake bomb he had made from a plastic box wrapped in a black bag near a bakery in Tubli.

The Public Prosecutor's Office claimed that the defendant that on 5 December 2015, along with unidentified persons, set up in a public place a simulated model of explosives.

Human rights groups challenge the events attributed to defendants due to doubts about the independence of the Bahraini judiciary, whose members are appointed by royal decrees, while rulings are based on confessions extracted under torture, and evidence obtained from secret investigations and anonymous witnesses.


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