Court Upholds One-Year Jail Term against Detainee accused of Attacking Policeman in Jaw Prison

2018-06-01 - 9:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Criminal Court upheld a one-year jail verdict against a detainee in Jaw Prison for attacking and insulting one of the policemen there.

A sergeant at Jaw Prison stated that in 2016 and while he was performing his job as a guard to building number 4, he headed to the outside yard to tell cell 2 inmates that their time has finished. However, the suspected rejected to enter his cell and another one refused to leave the yard. Thus, they were taken to the reception office. The suspect then requested that he heads to the officer in the administration. When the victim wanted to handcuff the suspect, the latter refused, started to scream, bet the policeman and insulted him.

The suspect denied the charges brought against him and said that he was protecting himself by putting his hands on his face as the policeman was beating him with the handcuffs on his hands and was accompanied by a group of policemen.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of attacking, on 21/7/2016, the bodily integrity of the sergeant, while and for performing his job, causing him the injuries mentioned in the report, noting that the injuries didn't hinder him from performing his personal works for more than 20 days.

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