Appeals Court Upholds Life Term Sentences, Citizenship Revocation against 10 Suspects Accused of “Nuwaidrat Warehouse” Case

2018-05-31 - 9:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Appeals Court rejected the appeals of 7 defendants out of 11 in a case known as "Nuwaidrat warehouse". The authorities accused 11 activists of storing arms in Nuwaidrat. However, the defendants denied the charge.

The court upheld life term sentence against the suspects over the charges of establishing a terrorist organization made up of two groups, joining it and acquiring arms.

The court also upheld revoking the citizenships of all the defendants and ordered the confiscation of seized items, including the cars.

The Bahraini authorities often bring charge of establishing armed organization against Shiite activists. The suspects, however, deny this charge. Suspects in Bahrain are tortured to say confessions that incriminate them, human rights organizations say.

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