Court Issues 7-Year jail Term against Suspect Accused of Joining 14th February Coalition, Revokes his Citizenship

2018-05-27 - 7:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court handed down a 7-year jail term to a Bahraini, convicted of training to use arms and explosives in Iran and Iraq, aiming at committing crimes and joining 14th February Coalition, and revoked his citizenship. Meanwhile, it acquitted another suspect of the charges brought against him.

The authorities claim that the first suspect joined 14th February Coalition and traveled to Iraq where he received military training on the use of arms.

The authorities said that the defendant admitted the charges brought against him and stated that he has participated in riots in Karana are since 2013. He has been already jailed over assembling, rioting and joining 14th February Coalition. The defendant received amounts of money to distribute them on security wanted. Besides, he traveled in 2015 to Iraq where met the second suspect. In 2016, he traveled to Iran and then returned to Iraq. A person facilitated things to him to receive military training on the use of arms. The defendant was arrested in February 2017 while he was in Dubai airport, heading to New Zealand and was brought back to Bahrain.

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