TRA Collected 17 Million BD Revenues from Companies

2018-05-15 - 6:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: Official statistics showed that the revenues of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) collected from telecommunication companies reached 17 million BD.

Revenues of TRA, responsible for regulating the telecommunications sector and granting licenses in Bahrain, increased, driven by new revenues, to achieve a financial surplus of 11.8 million BD, with a growth of 103%.

The authority collected from the licensed telecommunication companies about 9 million BD from the licensing fees, frequency and range fees and fees for issuing numbers. It also acquired 7.44 million BD from regulation fees, which the authority didn't receive in the previous year.

TRA's brief financial data that was published in the Official Gazette didn't mention any clarification on the authority's revenues. The new revenue increased TRA's total income to 16.99 million BD, compared with 10 million BD in the previous year.

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