350 Thousand Indians Living in Bahrain, Death Average among Them Higher than that in Qatar

2018-05-14 - 8:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Statistics revealed that the number of Indians living in Bahrain is 350 thousand versus 325 thousand in the UK.

More than 7 million Indians live and work in Gulf Cooperation Council states. They form the main center of foreign workforce in the region.

Meanwhile, around 2.8 million Indians live in Saudi Arabia, around 2 million in Emirates, more than 150 thousand in Kuwait, 707 thousand in Oman and 600 thousand in Qatar.

On term of death toll among Indians, Bahrain recorded 519 cases between 2010 and 2013, i.e. 4.9% for each 100 thousand. However, Indians death toll in Saudi Arabia reached 6572 within the same period, followed by Emirates with 4067 cases, then Oman with 1617 cases. 1493 deaths were documented in Kuwait in the same period and 717 in Qatar.

Meanwhile, only 132 death cases were witnessed in the UK and 241 in US within the same period.

Although Bahrain came at the bottom of the Gulf list on terms of deaths, it surpassed Qatar on terms of  mortality number of expatriates living in the country, where Qatar recorded 39.8 for each 100 thousand and Saudi Arabia recorded 78.2 death cases for each 100 thousand Indian expatriate.

Based on these statistics, a news website noted that an Indian living in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait is at ten times the risk of death, compared to an Indian living in the US, due to poor working conditions.

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