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British Organization to Send Petition to Bahrain King upon Arrival to Royal Windsor Horse Show to Stop Maher Al-Khabbaz Execution

2018-05-11 - 6:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: The British "Reprieve" organizations said that it will deliver a petition to the Bahraini embassy on Saturday 12th May, when the King of Bahrain visits the UK to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show to demand him to stop the execution of political prisoner Maher Al-Khabbaz.

The organization said that Maher Abbas Al-Khabbaz was beaten, whipped and electrocuted before he was forced at gunpoint to make a false confession to killing a police officer in 2013. His execution is now imminent, awaiting only a signed death warrant from Bahrain's King.

Under the title of "Don't Execute Victims of Torture", Reprieve called on the King of Bahrain and the Bahraini government to stop the executions of Maher and other victims of torture.

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