Court Issues 2-Year Jail Term against Tweeter over Charge of Insulting King, 1-Year Jail Term against Library Owner over Printing Book Deemed Abusive to Aisha

2018-05-10 - 7:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court sentenced a Bahraini tweeter, 25 years, to 2 years in jail with the execution of sentence. The court said that the defendant incited hatred against the regime through his Twitter account named SIi717. A local newspaper said that the defendant published more than 200 tweets considered abusive to the regime and king within 5 years.

A court also issued one-year jail term against owner of library in Hamad Town, along with others, and fined each one of them 1000 BD, over the charge of printing a book written by Yasser Al-Habeeb (the fourth suspect) that included insults to Aisha. The court set 1000 BD as bail to stop the execution of sentence.

The court sentenced Yasser Al-Habeeb, and director of "Fadak" channel owned by Al-Habeeb, to one year in jail and fined each one of them 1000 BD over charges of insulting, defaming and publishing an ad about collecting funds in Bahrain on the channel without a license. The court sentenced the sixth suspect to 6 months in jail and 500 BD fine for taking part in printing a book without a license.

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