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16 Million BD Savings through Assistance of Private Enterprises to Implement Gov’t Projects

2018-05-07 - 11:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Director General of Organization and Position Budget in Civil Service Bureau Engineer Jamal Abdulaziz Al Alawi said that the main organizational structure of 15 governmental bodies were studied in 2017.

He explained in an interview with Al-Ayam newspaper that in the framework of facilitating the measures and reconstructing the processes, 6 governmental procedures were reviewed, like prequalification of contractors and service of standards of the local market gauges.

With respect to employing budget, he stressed that no governmental party is allowed to have a number of employees that exceeds the jobs specified in the general budget, indicating that the bureau is adjusting number of manpower for government agencies through studying the functional ceilings in a way that accommodates jobs within approved budgets.

He stressed that the bureau seeks to create government jobs to promote creativity and innovation and attract talents.

He noted that 16 million BD were saved in 2017 fiscal year through assistance of private enterprises to accomplish certain tasks and responsibilities and projects assigned for government agencies.

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