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MoI Sends Warning Letters to Senior Shiite Clerics in Bahrain Following their Last Statements

2018-04-30 - 6:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministry of Interior addressed personal letters to senior Shiite cleric in Bahrain (Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi, Sheikh Abdulhussein Al-Sitri, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Al-Rubai and Sheikh Mohammed Sanqour), who undersigned a statement dated April 26, 2018, regarding the death penalty which was commuted to life in jail for convicts indicted in the attempted murder of Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Commander-in-Chief.  The ministry warned to take legal measures against the clerics in case they repeated such statements.

The ministry accused the clerics of using the King's decision to achieve personal political gains and fuel unrest, through their calls to commute the other death sentences and release the prisoners. The ministry considered the cleric's statement as an indirect call to stir the public opinion and distort facts.

It stressed in its letters to the clerics that, in case such acts are repeated, legal measures would be taken against what it called direct or indirect incitement, which leads to any illegal protests or any other stances which do not serve civil peace or cause a disruption of social security.

A statement issued by top Shiite clerics described the decision to "overrule the death sentences" of those accused of plotting to assassinate the army chief as "a welcomed and praised step." The clerics hoped that "this step will be extended to the rest of the convicts," adding that they were looking "to a homeland where no prisoner remains."

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