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Bahraini Woman Spends Whole Day in Police Station Due to Error in Phone Bill, Court Bounds Telecommunication Company to Pay her 200 BD as Compensation

2018-04-28 - 6:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court bound a telecommunication company to pay 200 BD as moral and material compensation for a Bahraini woman who was arrested for a whole day and released on a bail after seizing her bank accounts and her car, claiming she was in debt for a bill she had already paid for the company.

The company has continued to ask the woman to pay 300 BD, however, it was discovered later that there was an error in the calculations and that the agent had already paid her dues in addition to 16 BD. This was discovered after she was arrested for a whole day.

Lawyer Hassan Al-Ajouz said that his agent had made a contract with a telecommunication company to join one of the mobile phone packages offered by the company and that she paid her dues. However, she was surprised that she arrested at one of the check points by policeman for a financial claim by the defendant company.

The lawyer considered that the company used her right in an arbitral way and demanded it to pay 500 BD as a compensation for the damages caused to the plaintiff.

After assigning an accounting expert, he concluded that there is an inadvertent error in the company's bills, which led to this incident. The court bound the company to pay the plaintiff 200 BD as a moral and material compensation and obliged it pay the fees and charges as well as 10 BD for attorney's fees.

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