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Mariam Al-Jalahma: Most Medical Errors in Bahrain are due to Negligence

2018-04-27 - 7:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Chief Executive Officer of National Health Regulatory Authority Mariam Al-Jalahma said in a seminar about professional ethics that "most of medical errors in Bahrain are due negligence."

She noted that the authority issued a code of medical ethics that contains 20 articles regulating work in the health sector, including providing secure care, dealing with negative incidents, respecting patients, maintaining the confidentiality of the information, acquiring patients' consent on treatment, taking care of patients who suffer from contagious diseases as well as the rules to be followed when transferring any patient or prescribing medications.

Al-Jalahma said that although the authority is aware of variation in applying the rules according to the circumstances of the case, it is not allowed to ignore these principles, urging that all health practitioners should be familiar with code.

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