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British Man who Sold Iraq and Bahrain Fake Bomb Detectors Receives 2 More Years in Prison

2018-04-27 - 7:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: A conman jailed for selling fake bomb detectors to war-torn countries including Bahrain and Iraq has had more than two years added to his prison sentence after failing to pay back £1.8m of his ill-gotten gains.

The Guardian newspaper said that James McCormick lived a life of luxury by ripping off customers in Iraq, Niger and Bahrain with the useless devices. He was jailed for 10 years after his trial in 2013 and later ordered to pay back about £8m.

The jury in McCormick's trial heard how he made millions of pounds from selling three models of detector - based on a novelty 13 golf ball finder - to Iraq and other countries.

The man sold his fake detectors for up to £40,000 each, even though the golf ball finders they were made from cost just $19.99 (£14.34). More than 6,000 of them were sold in Iraq alone, the trial heard.

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