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Seven Suspects Referred to Trial over Buri Pipeline Blast

2018-04-19 - 7:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: General Advocate Ahmed Al-Hammadi said that the prosecution concluded its investigations in Buri pipeline blast that took place on November 10, 2017 and referred 7 suspects to trial on the criminal charges of establishing and joining a terrorist group, unlawful possession, handling and the use of explosives, detonating a bomb, militia training on weapons and explosives to commit and participate in terrorist crimes and funding terrorism. The Fourth High Criminal Court will consider the case on May 10, 2018.

The authorities claim that the first and second defendants who are fugitives outside the Kingdom created a terrorist group and managed to recruit the remaining members of the group. The third and fourth defendants were trained to use weapons and explosives in Iranian Revolutionary Guard camps to commit terrorist crimes in Bahrain.

They also allege that the first defendant ordered the other members via "mute mail" to bomb the oil pipeline in Buri and to receive the explosive package and funds allocated for implementation of their crime. The authorities also say that the third suspect led the group to execute the blast operation on November 10, 2017.

Human rights organizations challenge the charges raised against political detainees, since they doubt the independence of the judiciary, whose members are assigned by royal decrees, and since it issues sentences based on confessions extracted under duress and evidence presented by secret investigations and anonymous witnesses.

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