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Public Prosecution Demands Reconsidering Hussein Moussa and Mohammad Ramadan’s Death Sentences after Emergence of “New Documents not Known at Time of Trial”

2018-03-29 - 3:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Public Prosecution has demanded a review of the death sentences of Hussein Moussa and Mohammad Ramadan on the basis of a warrant received from the Special Investigation Unit, after the emergence of "new documents that were not known at the time of the trial and the verdict."

Attorney General Ali Fadl Al-Buainain said he received from the Special Investigation Unit a warrant on its investigation into the complaints filed by Hussein Ali Moussa and Mohammad Ramadan Isa, who are sentenced to death for murdering a policeman and attempting to murder other policemen by carrying out a terrorist bombing.

He added that: "The Unit in its report requested reviewing the sentence issued against them due to the emergence of new documents in its investigations that were not known at the time of the trial and the verdict, i.e. the Interior Ministry doctors' medical reports of the convicted Hussein Ali Moussa, which were neither presented before the Court when its ruling was issued, nor before the Court of Cassation.


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