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Shura Foreign Affairs Committee Discusses Criminalizing Placing Stamps on the Passport

2018-03-29 - 1:48 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee of the Bahraini Shura Council discussed during the meeting held under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-Khuzai, Chairman of the Committee, a bill for adding a new article (18) to Law No. (11) of 1975 regarding passports, accompanying Decree No. (79) of the year 2016. The meeting discussing the bill, which imposes a fine of not less than 50 dinars and not more than 400 dinars on whoever puts stamps or phrases on the Bahraini passport, was also attended by the Ministry of the Interior.

During the meeting, the Committee listened to the comments and observations of the Ministry of the Interior in light of the questions raised by members of the Committee on the impacts of imposing this draft law on the ground, deciding to submit its report on the draft law to the Bureau of the Council in preparation for inclusion in one of the next meetings.


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