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Prominent Prime Minister Bureau Officials Arrested on Charges of “Insulting the King”

2018-03-23 - 8:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: Information revealed by Twitter accounts, close to the Bahraini Royal Court, claimed that the Bahraini authorities have arrested a number of prominent officials in the Prime Minister's bureau on charges of insulting the King, his sons, the Royal Court Minister Khalid bin Ahmed  Al Khalifa, and the head of the Cybercrimes Directorate Bassam Al-Me'raj.

According to these Twitter accounts, Khawla Hazim Al-Shamsi, Director-General of the petitions and grievances department at the prime minister's bureau and Ahmad Al-Dhawadi, the secretary of Khalifa bin Rashed, the Prime Minister's grandson were arrested on Thursday (March 22, 2018), while Mohammed bin Saqr Al Khalifa (former manager of the Mnarfezhom account) hasn't been seen yet, following the issuance of an arrest warrant against him.

The tension between the Royal Court and the Prime Minister's bureau has intensified recently, reaching an advanced stage, as the comments posted by Twitter accounts, under pseudonyms, close to both parties have become very clear and explicit.

Accounts loyal to the Royal Court accuse groups working in the Cabinet of insulting the Royal Court Minister and the King's sons (Nasser and Khaled).

Bahrain Mirror cannot independently verify the authenticity of the information circulated via social media.

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