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Gulf Air Confirms Arrest of One of Its Passenger by UK Police

2018-03-22 - 8:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: Gulf Air confirmed the news about arresting one of its passengers by Metropolitan Police in London Heathrow Airport.

It said in a statement that upon landing of the Gulf Air flight GF003 from Bahrain in London Heathrow on March 20 at 14:51 (local time), Metropolitan Police contacted Gulf Air requesting to question a passenger.

It added "in compliance with this request, Gulf Air crew located and escorted the passenger from the aircraft." Gulf Air stated that contrary to media reports that armed police stormed the flight, Gulf Air can confirm that no authorities boarded the aircraft and the remaining passengers on board Gulf Air flight GF003 disembarked the aircraft following standard disembarking procedures in order to proceed to the terminal building.

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