Government Imposes 200 BD Commercial Activity Fees on Small Workshops

2018-03-20 - 8:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: Press information said that the government intends to impose 200 BD fees for commercial activity on small workshops after separating them from factories that have to pay 1000 BD.

Commercial activity fees will come into effect on the onset of April, after lapse of six months postponement of the decision.

The fees on commercial activity, upon which the business owner shall pay 1000 BD, was set to come into effect last October. However, the government delayed it for 6 months in order to reach more agreements.

The Ministry of Industry's latest data showed that the number of industrial establishments in Bahrain reached about 204 establishments in 2017 versus 220 in 2016. The number decreased by 7.2%. The ministry said that this decrease is due to correcting the statuses of the establishments and reclassifying them.

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