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Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain: Statute Amendment Didn’t Affect Fundamentals and Principles

2018-03-16 - 7:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Secretary-General of the Islamic National Tribune (Al-Menbar) Society (Muslim Brotherhood), Ali Ahmed, said that the amendment of the statute of the Society did not affect the principles and fundamentals of the Society.

He added in a press statement that the amendments were aimed at "developing the statute and making it more flexible on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the society's establishment, as well as benefiting from the experience gained over these years and becoming in line with the recent amendments made to the political societies law."

"The amendments to the statute are focused on the duration of the term of the Secretary-General, the Advisory Board and the rest of the Society's structures, limiting it to four years instead of two, and also the age requirement for membership in the Society that was changed to twenty years instead of 21," Ahmed highlighted.

"Among the amendments is a reduction in the number of members of the advisory board elected from 25 to 11 members, provided that the membership of the advisory board [member] should amount to one year instead of three as stated in the previous statute," he further noted.

Ali Ahmed pointed out that one of the most important amendments made to the previous statute was "reducing the number of members of the Secretariat from 13 to seven members and a maximum of nine members," stressing that the amendments "did not affect any of the principles and fundamentals of the society penned in the Society's documents and statute and announced and published on the Society's website and the media since the establishment of the Society to date."

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