Bahrain Seeks to Increase Capacity of Oil Pipelines with Saudi Arabia

2018-03-14 - 6:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Oil Minister Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa stressed that his country is proceeding in a project to increase the capacity of the pipelines between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

On the sideline of opening Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition (GEO 2018), the minister said "construction and modernization works in the project of replacing and modernizing the oil pipelines between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are moving according to the plan."

He explained that his country is seeking to double the current capacity of the pipelines that have been there for over 70 years.

The pipeline was set to fire last November, before the Bahraini Interior Ministry announced that it was a deliberate fire.

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia share in production of Abu Saafa oil field that is considered the main source of Bahrain's crude oil revenues.

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