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On Women’s Int’l Day, Al-Wefaq Demands Release of Female Prisoners of Conscience in Bahraini Prisons

2018-03-09 - 10:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society demanded in a statement marking Women's International Day to release female prisoners of conscience in Bahraini regime prisons.

Al-Wefaq said in its statement that "the Bahraini regime arrests, tortures and issues retaliatory verdicts against activists. Some activists are sentenced to 5-year jail terms".

The society stressed that "Bahraini women are subjected to different kinds of violations and abuses. Many were martyred, imprisoned, stripped of their citizenships, persecuted, deported, dismissed or banned from traveling. Women in Bahrain are blackmailed, summoned and pressured to work for intelligence bodies."

"The Bahraini woman serves as a great model for women across the world for the capabilities she enjoys on all levels. The Bahraini woman has a leading role in education, work and culture and has a major role in society. She also works in different high-rank and vital professions. She also has a major role in voicing the demands of Bahrainis and standing steadfast with great will in their ongoing demand for the necessary democratic transition and putting an end to corruption and tyranny," Al-Wefaq further stated.

Al-Wefaq saluted every Bahraini woman "whether she was a housewife, maintaining a job, pursuing education or behind bars for expressing her political views."

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