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Ma'ameer Residents Complain about Large Number of Heavy Vehicles at Entrances and Exits of Village

2018-03-09 - 3:46 am

Bahrain Mirror: A number of residents of Ma'ameer village complained about the large number of heavy vehicles and their heavy traffic through the northern and western entrances and exits of the village, which produced a "boisterous atmosphere."

Residents said that heavy vehicles are increasingly using the entrances and exits of the village in both the morning and noon times, which led them to sound an alarm to the concerned parties over concerns of unfortunate accidents as small vehicles and passersby cross through these entrances and exits of the village.

Residents say it did not take them more than three minutes to exit the village, but now it takes twice as long as they wait for the truck and bus queues to pass, as well as vehicles of the various companies entering the village or choosing to venture in between the queues to reach their workplaces.

The residents further said that they will communicate their problem to those concerned in a written petition after the circulation of video clips and pictures of traffic congestion by means of social media.


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