Bahraini Court Sentences 2 Defendants to 7 Years in Prison, Revokes their Citizenships for “Training at Iran Revolutionary Guard Camp”

2018-03-02 - 8:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced two defendants to 7 years imprisonment, accusing them of traveling to Iran and training in camps belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guard," and stripped them of their Bahraini citizenships. Meanwhile, the court acquitted three other defendants of the charges raised against them in the case.

The Public Prosecution had referred the five defendants to trial alleging that during the years 2015 and 2016:

1- The first and second defendants were trained on the manufacture and use of weapons and explosives in camps belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for the purpose of committing terrorist crimes in Bahrain.

2- The third to fifth defendants participated along with unknown others by agreement, incitement and assistance with the first and second defendants in committing the aforementioned crime, as the third defendant encouraged them to commit it and they all agreed to commit it, providing them with the means of communication and funds that enable them to complete the act. Therefore, the crime took place based on this incitement, agreement and assistance as stated in the papers.

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