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Service Committee Approves Bill Allowing Private Sector Employees to Purchase 5 Retirement Years

2018-03-01 - 9:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: The service committee in the House of Representatives approved a bill allowing the insured people from the civil sector to purchase a maximum of virtual working years, as the employees, officers and people working in both governmental and military sectors.  

The amendment stipulated:

"The insured can ask to include a virtual service period to his insurance not exceeding 5 years, under the condition that the total service duration of retirement after the addition and following the end of his service does not exceed the limited period eligible for maximum retirement pension, in return for an additional amount he pays to the Public Authority for Social Insurance. This amount is specified according to the law.  In order to combine maximum virtual service in accordance with the provisions of this article, the insured shall not benefit from the added virtual years in accordance with any applicable pensions or insurance laws."

This amendment approved by the public authority for social insurance comes to unify the retirement benefits.

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