VIDEO: Member of Tunisian Parliament Salutes “Forgotten Bahrain Uprising” on its 7th Anniversary

2018-02-16 - 12:32 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Tunisian Member of Parliament of the Popular Front, Mrs. Mubarka Awainya Brahmi, saluted "the forgotten uprising of Bahrain" on its seventh anniversary.

"We must remember that February 14 is the seventh anniversary of the uprising of the brotherly people of Bahrain- this forgotten revolution," said Brahmi at the Tunisian Parliament. "Why do we shed light on one revolution yet shed darkness on another?"

She further stated that "the House of Representatives, which emerged after a revolution, should mention the struggles of peoples as well as commemorate their struggles," stressing that "the brotherly Bahraini people's revolution is a civil, peaceful, popular and widespread revolution, but the official Arab conspiracy wants to cover up this uprising, and wants to cover up the violations of the monarchy and ruling family in Bahrain."

"I believe that on a day such as February 14, we should commemorate the lives of the martyrs of the people of Bahrain [who were] on the path of liberating their people from this corrupt regime and call on this regime to return to reason so as not to be thrown in the dustbin of history in which other dictators ended up," she said, concluding her statement.


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