VIDEO: Bahraini ISIS Militant Held by Kurds: Turki Al-Binali and his brother Recruited Me!

2018-02-13 - 11:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: Anba News Agency, close to the Kurds of Syria, posted a video showing a Bahraini ISIS militant, who fell into the grip of Kurdish forces, revealing how he was recruited into the terrorist organization.

Mohammed Al-Merbati, 22, said that he was an ordinary person at the beginning of his life, noting that he was not affected by extremism until the age of 16 when he met Ali Al-Binali, the brother of the well-known ISIS leader Turki Al-Binali, adding that Al-Binali imprinted the "Jihadist" thought in his mind. He said that Al-Binali gave him Islamic State publications and since then he started believing in the organization's ideas.

The video, which was re-posted by activist and tweeter Yousef Al-Jamri, was originally broadcast by the Syrian Kurdish Hawar news agency.

Al-Merbati said that they invited him to go to Syria and join the Jihad there, at the age of seventeen. He further stated that the coordination of his arrival to Syria via Turkey was through Muhammad Al-Binali, whom he said was responsible for the coordination and delivery of fighters to Syria.

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