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Justice Minister Dismisses MP Buhendi from Preaching after Leaked Conversations Critical to Royal Court

2018-02-13 - 7:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: Minister of Justice Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa dismissed MP Anas Buhendi from preaching in Al-Ghatam Mosque in Riffa, days after leakages of conversations between Buhendi and Council of Ministers Assistant Undersecretary Ibrahim Al-Dosari, in which they attacked Minister of Royal Court for Follow up Affairs Ahmed bin Ateyatalla Al Khalifa.

Al-Watan newspaper, owned by the Royal Court, published a letter and claimed that it is issued by citizens of the sixth district in the southern governorate, represented by Buhendi, that severely criticized him.

The letter accused Buhendi of "colluding with those who have agendas, the plotters, schemers and powerful people who are against the King's reform project."

Buhendi said in the leaked conversations that "the King doesn't know about the hidden things and blamed his retinue," in reference to the royal court.

The Public Prosecution is expected to take measures against Buhendi and Al-Dosari after MPs raised a lawsuit against them.  5 MPs demanded to investigate Ibrahim Al-Dosari's ownership of properties, including Al-Rim Center in Riffa.

The regime wings are competing on controlling the council. The recent controversies showed that a large number of its members are under the control of the Royal Court.

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