VIDEO: Bahraini ISIS Leader Talks about Escape of Militants from Last Stronghold in Syria

2018-02-07 - 9:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: A former Bahraini leader in the ISIS organization was shown in a video recording posted by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in which he revealed the organization's relation to Turkey, the secret and public agreements with the authorities of regional countries, as well as the recent developments like the large-scale escape operation of the militants after ISIS lost most of the areas it controlled in Syria.

The Observatory said that the leader, who broadcast his confessions, fell into the hands of the Syrian democratic forces, while fleeing with other leaders and members and their families, of Arab and European nationalities, who were still resided in the last areas controlled by the organization in rural Deir Ezzor.

The Bahraini leader spoke about the Information Minister of the "Islamic State", a prominent Turkish leader, and on the minting process of the ISIS currency.

"We were trapped in very narrow areas," he said. "In towns like Hajeen, Graneej and Cha'fa in the eastern rural areas of Deir Ezzor. We always wondered about the people who were leaders in the ‘Islamic State' and symbols of the organization as well. [...] Whenever we asked about one of the leaders, they said he went to a secure area, until we discovered that all the leaders coordinated with Turkey and went to Turkey and Idlib," said the ISIS official as he spoke about the militants' escape from the last region on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

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