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Bahrain’s Cabinet Considering Toughening Penalty of Molotov Cocktail Manufacture and Possession

2018-02-06 - 10:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Yasser Issa Al-Nasser said that the Government discussed at its latest meeting toughening the penalty of manufacturing and having possession of flammable bottles, known as Molotov cocktails.

In a press statement, Nasser said that "the Council of Ministers discussed intensifying the penalty for the crime of manufacturing, possessing and using flammable and explosive bottles and devices for the purpose of endangering people's lives or public or private properties, via a memorandum submitted by the Minister of Interior to amend Article 277 of the Penal Code by Decree-Law No. (15) of 1976, as the Council decided to refer the memorandum to the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs."

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