Court Upholds 2-Year Jail Term against Suspect Accused of Burning Water Tank in Buri

2018-01-25 - 10:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Criminal Court upheld a 2-year jail term against a Bahraini, over charge of burning, along with other unknowns, water tank on the public street in Buri.

The authorities claim that a number of protestors, about 40, took to the street in Buri and set fire to a water tank on the public street. When the security forces arrived to the scene, the protestors fled. However, they were chased and the suspect was arrested. The suspect admitted during investigations that he took part in the crime and blocked the street through burning, along with other unknowns, a water tank.

The prosecution accused him of setting fire, along with other unknowns, on 14/2/2017,  that would people's lives and money to danger and taking part, along with other unknowns, in an assembly of more than 5 persons, aiming at disrupting public peace, noting that they used violence to achieve the aim they gathered for.

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