Court Upholds 1-Year Prison Sentence for Detainee Accused of Assaulting Policemen, Attempting to Flee from Salmaniya Hospital

2018-01-24 - 7:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini High Criminal Court of Appeal upheld a one year prison sentence issued against a defendant convicted, along with three others, of assaulting two policemen by beating when a detainee held over an attempted murder case tried to escape from the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

The first defendant and the other defendant held over attempted murder case, were at the Salmaniya Medical Complex on June 6, 2015, where the accused was undergoing a medical operation on his nose. At around 6:30 the following day, he asked the police officer assigned to guard him and another policeman to unlock his handcuffs so he could go to the restroom. After his cuffs were taken off, he pushed the policeman and ran away. The two policemen chased him until the hospital security guards managed to catch him. The first guard then handcuffed him again.

The defendant's brother and a relative came to the scene and tried to catch up with the detainee and ran towards him. The head of hospital security stopped the detainee's brother, the "second defendant," but the latter pushed him, while the third and fourth defendants tried to grab the first defendant to help him escape from the guard's grip. The second guard and the head of hospital security; however, prevented them from doing so.

While the second defendant assaulted the hospital official and beat him on the back, the guards and hospital security managed to take control over the defendants.

The Public Prosecution referred the four defendants to court after accusing them of using force and violence against public officials from the Na'im police station on June 7, 2015, while and because they were on duty, with the intention of unlawfully preventing them from performing their duties by resisting them.

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