Cassation Court Upholds 5-Year Jail Term against 2 Defendants over Charge of Kidnapping and Hitting Youth, Claiming He Is Informant

2018-01-23 - 9:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: A cassation court rejected the appeal of two suspects sentenced to 5 years in prison over charge of "kidnapping a 16-year-old youth, taking him to a farm, attacking him, burning his back with a lighter and threatening him with a knife to confess he is an informant".

The authorities claim that the two youths, along with other unknowns, kidnapped the victim while he was in a park in Karbabad at about 8 pm, playing with one of his friends "first suspect, 15 years". A car came and 3 masked individuals descended from the car and the driver remained in the car. The suspects covered the face of the victim and took him to a farm, bet him, stole his phone and accused him of working for the police. One of the suspects burnt the victim's back with a lighter. The suspects then took the victim to a house and threatened him with a knife and requested him to confess that he works as an informant. They then returned him to the same place and fled.

The Public Prosecution accused the two suspects of kidnapping, along with other unknowns, a victim, on September 22, 2014, using force and threats. It also accused them of arresting the victim in an illegal way, threatening to kill him with knives, aiming at taking information from him.

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