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Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces Respond to Bahraini Interior Minister: Our Mission is to Fight ISIS

2018-01-22 - 11:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sputnik Russian News Agency reported that a leader in the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) described Bahraini Interior Minister's statements as fake and false accusations.

Karim Al-Nuri said "the Mobilization's only mission is to fight the terrorist group ISIS".

Responding to Bahrain's accusation of PMF involvement in supporting "terrorist operations", Al-Nuri said that "the Bahraini Interior Minister statements are unfortunately aimed at marketing the internal crisis, protests and popular uprising in his country beyond its borders to try to urge the international and regional [community] to voice support for his country's corrupt regime."

"We, in the the Mobilization Forces, fight ISIS and have no other mission. We follow the directions of the Iraqi government and the government has a clear stance," he explained.

"We, in the Mobilization Forces, condemn these fake and false accusations," he further stressed.

The leader in the Popular Mobilization Forces highlighted that "instead of making accusations, the Minister of Interior should study the conditions of his people and know the sufferings of Bahrainis rather than drag the Gulf and Peninsula Shield to target and crush the Bahrain uprising."

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