Cassation Court Rejects Appeals of 5 Suspects Accused of Joining Saraya Al-Ashtar, Upholds Stripping them of Citizenships

2018-01-18 - 9:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Cassation Court rejected the appeals of 4 defendants accused of joining Saraya Al-Ashtar and ruled the inadmissibility of the appeal of the fifth suspect, in a case that included 12 convicts whose sentences range between life sentence and 7 years in prison, as well as the revocation of their citizenships.

The five suspects are sentenced to 7 and 15-year jail term and citizenships revocation, after a high appeals court commuted a life sentence against 9 to 15 years in jail and 7 years in jail instead of 10. Meanwhile, the court upheld a verdict stripping them of their nationalities and fining them 200.000 BD

The authorities claim that the suspects established Saraya Al-Ashtar in 2012 and communicated with the leadership and organization in Iran through phone applications.  

The first and second suspects arranged for the travel of the third, fourth and fifth suspects to Iraq in 2014 to train them on manufacturing and using arms and explosives.

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