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British Organization Urges Boris Johnson to Intervene to Halt Executions in Bahrain

2018-01-17 - 10:25 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The British human rights Reprieve organization urged, in a statement it published on its website, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to intervene to halt repression in Bahrain, including the planned execution of political protesters.

This call comes on the anniversary of the cruel executions in Bahrain. Bahrain executed three men who were arrested in the wake of protests and tortured into ‘confessions.' Their names were Ali Al-Singace, Abbas Al-Samie, and Sami Mushaima.

Harriet McCulloch, a deputy director at Reprieve, said: "Bahrain's resumption of executions is a tragic reminder that the human rights situation in the Kingdom is deteriorating, despite the millions the UK Foreign Office has spent trying to reform the country's police and prisons. Since last year's execution of three protesters who were tortured into ‘confessing', Bahrain has sentenced more protesters to death after unfair trials, while campaigners have been targeted for daring to speak out."

She highlighted that "Boris Johnson must make British security assistance to Bahrain strictly conditional on real reform. That includes an urgent end to the death penalty for protesters, and a halt to political reprisals."

It is to mention that in the year since their executions, the size of Bahrain's death row has doubled, and at least two men face imminent execution on charges related to their attendance at political protests.

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