Five Defendants Sentenced to 1-2 Years in Prison over Assembly and Burning Tires in Southern Sehla

2018-01-12 - 11:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's fourth high criminal court sentenced two defendants to two years in prison and three others to one year on charges of "assembling, burning tires and attacking police with Molotovs cocktails and iron rods in the Southern Sehla area."

The Public Prosecutor's Office stated that on May 23, 2017, the defendants, a juvenile and unknown others deliberately set fire to movable property, endangering the lives and properties of people, adding that they also participated in a public assembly of 5 persons, with the purpose of committing crimes and disrupting public security, using violence to achieve the goal for which they gathered, also acquiring and having possession of inflammable bottles (Molotov cocktails) for the purpose of using them to endanger people's lives as well as public and private properties.

The court said that the second, third and fifth defendants were under 18 (15 years old) on the date of the incident, which calls for mitigating circumstances set forth in articles 70 and 71 of the Penal Code. In view of the circumstances of the case, the court shall allow the first and fourth defendants to receive limited clemency, allowed by Article 72 of the Penal Code, and thus the first and fourth defendants will be sentenced to two years in prison and the second, third and fifth to one.


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