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Military Appeals Court Postpones First Trial Session of Civilians in Political Case until Jan. 14

2018-01-10 - 9:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Military Appeals Court held on Wednesday (January 10, 2018) its first session to look into appeals against the verdicts sentencing 6 to death penalty and 7 others to 7-year jail term over a political case.

A Bahraini military court sentenced on Monday (December 25, 2017) 6 citizens to death; "Mubarak Adel Mubarak Mahanna (Soldier), Fadhel Al Sayed Abbas Hassan Radhi, Sayed Alawi Hussain Alawi Hussain, Mohammed Abdulhassan Ahmed Al-Metghawi, Murtada Majeed Ramadan Alawi (Al-Sindi) and Habeeb Abdullah Hassan Ali (Al-Jamri)". The court also sentenced 7 others to seven years in jail; "Mohammed Abdulhassan Saleh Al-Shehabi, Mohammed Abdulwahid Mohammed Al-Najjar, Hussain Mohammed Ahmed Shehab, Mohammed Yousef Marhoon Al-Ajmi, Hussain Ali Mohsen Baddaw, Sayed Mohammed Qassim Mohammed and Ali Jaffar Hassan Al-Rayes". The defendant were sentenced in a case related to plotting to assassinate Bahrain Defence Force Commander-in-Chief field marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

In 2017, the Constitution was amended to allow the military courts try civilians.

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