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Cassation Court Rules for Samira Rajab in Her Lawsuit against Al-Wasat Newspaper, its Editor-in-Chief

2017-12-29 - 10:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The former minister Samira Rajab decided to re-launch a civilian case she has already filed against Al-Ayam newspaper and its editor-in-chief.

A civilian lawsuit was suspended based on a request from the other party until a final verdict is issued in the criminal lawsuit filed against Al-Ayam newspaper and its editor-in-chief.

It is to mention that first high criminal court had issued its verdict on January 1, 2015 fining Al-Ayam newspaper editor-in-chief Isa Al-Shaykhi 200 BD over the charges brought against him and confiscating the seized editions of the newspaper. It also ordered to publish the verdict in the newspaper's first page and in another newspaper on the expense of the convict and bound him to pay the plaintiff Samira Rajab an amount worth of 100 BD in return of her civilian right and 50 BD in return of temporary compensation and lawsuit expenses as well as 20 BD in return of the attorney fees.

The High Appeals Court upheld the verdict, thus Al-Ayam newspaper editor-in-chief challenged the verdict in front of cassation court that accepted the appeal in form and rejected it in substance and confiscated the bail.  

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