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Civil Service Bureau: Tweets of Official Employees Don’t Represent Party they Belong to

2017-12-19 - 9:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Civil Service Bureau said that the personal accounts of governmental employees on social media outlets represent their owners only and that their tweets do not represent the stance of the governmental body they belong to. It added that the bureau takes into account the employees' right in enjoying their rights in freedom of speech and expression, with the necessity to abide by the public morals, customs and traditions followed in the Kingdom.

The bureau explained that the personal profile of public employee should not include its position, job title or official contact data related to his work, indicating that in case the employee is an official employee who is linked to the audience through his governmental post, he has to submit a disclaimer statement explaining that what he posts on social media represents his own opinion.

The employee is prevented from publishing articles that offend the party he works for or the government in general. The employee is also not allowed to offend people or religions or publish any statement regarding his job without a permit.

The Civil Service Bureau indicated that the governmental body has the right to take needed measures by itself or based on a demand of stakeholders or the civil service bureau, including legal and disciplinary measures against misuse of any social media means.

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