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NAO: Customs Exceeded Budget by 2.76 Million BD

2017-12-18 - 7:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Audit Office report for the years 2016-2017 said that the actual expenditures for approved recurrent expenditure budget for customs affairs for 2016 exceeded the budget by 2,766,271 million BD.

The total of these expenditures reached 18,480,271 BD in comparison with the approved budget of 15,714,000 BD, which constitutes a violation of budget law for 2002, which stipulates that any expenditure not included in the budget or in surplus of the listed estimates shall only take place by a law and no ministry or governmental body is allowed to exceed the approved expenditures expect by a law.

In its response, the Customs affairs said that it is working on keeping its spending under control by establishing a financial expenditure control commission. It also raised its budget expectation for 2017-2018 by 19.3 and 19.8 million BD respectively. If approved, these estimates can ensure the functioning of customs affairs without exceeding actual expenses.

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