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Mother of Death Row Inmate Mohammad Ramadan Passes Away

2017-12-14 - 10:13 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Mrs. Hajar, mother of death row inmate Mohammad Ramadan, passed away today (Thursday, December 14, 2017) after being in a coma for about 6 months.

Sources close to the family said that Hajar's health deteriorated after the death verdict against her son. She suffered from blood pressure problems and one day she fell down due to complications of this disease and went into a coma.

Her family announced his death today. Meanwhile, the date of her burial was not set yet. The family hopes that the authorities would allow Mohammad Ramadan to attend the funeral procession of his mother.

It is to note that the authorities sentenced Mohammad Ramadan to death over a blast case in Al-Dair that led to the death of a policemen, despite evidence showed that he was at work when the incident took place.

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